Monday, October 15, 2012

5 Cute Ideas for Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the edge, in case you're like us, you've perhaps been reasoning about what Halloween's costume you're going to use. In case you don't have a Halloween costume in your mind yet, or merely wants something uncomplicated yet cheap maybe these cute ideas for Halloween costumes below are for you. Below are several of our favorite cute ideas for Halloween costumes, from fashion-influenced costumes to pop culture nodes, celebrities and many more. Although we don't think that a Halloween costume should have to be "sexy", we have involved one of the best sexy costumes out there too, in case that's your cup of tea.  

Here are 5 cute ideas for Halloween costumes:

1. Flying Penguin Costume 

The baby is for sure the cutest flying penguin we ever see even though she is just 9 months old. Although her mother created it by herself by following an instruction in the blog, but the result is really adorable. 2.

2. American Bobsled Hotdog Team 

The costume is created from chair cushion trimmed into the right shape then coated it with red substantial. It seems complicated but for sure it's looks cute when your dog wears it.

3. Kissing Booth Costume 

This is what we told "sexy" to you before. If your kid is cute enough then this one is is perfect.

4. Cupid Riding on Cloud 9 

The cupid here looks so cute and he's ready to steal your heart once he's driving in his Cloud 9. This is definitely a cute costume for a Halloween party.

 5. "Chippy" The Guinea Pig and His Giant Exercise Wheel 

Isn't it cute? The costume is influenced by the Guinea Pig image and is completed with an exercise wheel to make it looks like the real one.